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For a list of awards in your state, visit:https://www.hud.gov/program_offices/comm_planning/coc/fy_2023_coc_competition
Scroll down the page and click on your State under the CoC Award Summary Reports by State/Territory section.

HUD announced over $3 billion in Continuum of Care program awards for more than 7,000 projects that provide permanent and short-term housing assistance, supportive services, and planning and data collection efforts to support individuals experiencing homelessness nationwide. This funding, in response to the rising rates of homelessness nationwide, represents the largest Continuum of Care program funding that has ever been awarded to help communities address homelessness. When selecting awardees, HUD prioritized communities that used a housing-first model and those that planned to reduce unsheltered homelessness through a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach.

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