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2019 USDA Rural Development Funding Levels:

  • $1 Billion for 502 Direct Home Loans – 502 Direct helps poor families in underserved rural communities become homeowners by providing affordable loans for home purchase. This is $100,000 less than 2018 levels but in line with previous years.
  • $28 Million for 504 Home Repair – 504 helps these same communities repair and modernize their homes. The amount allocated this time around is the same as last year.
  • $2.8 Billion for Community Facilities (CF) – CF provides funding to build and repair critical community facilities like hospitals, schools, and fire departments in underserved rural communities. This is the same level as last year. This program has received several funding increases over the past few years.

(Source: Anju Chopra, Senior Policy Manager, Prosperity Now)