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Oklahomans wanting to purchase a home, check out the financing available from the Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency!

OHFA Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance Features Below-Market Interest Rates

Take advantage of OHFA’s below-market rates, Down Payment Assistance, and increased purchase price limits when buying a home. Visit www.ohfa.org/interest-rates/ to see today’s rates & get connected with an OHFA Mortgage Lender. These awesome rates won’t last long!

With home prices currently being higher than usual, the lower interest rate and higher purchase price limit homebuyers have a greater opportunity to purchase their dream home.

New Purchase Price Limits

GOLD Government & Freddie Purchase Prices have increased. There are now 2 Purchase Price Limits on GOLD products,

  • $349,525 in Non-Targeted Areas
  • $427,198 in Targeted Areas

Additionally, OHFA once again offers all DREAM loan products.

OHFA Mortgage Lenders help buyers determine the product that best fits their loan needs. Homebuyers apply for loans directly with these Lenders.

Update to Down Payment Assistance

OHFA Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance is now a 0% interest, second lien. It is due on

  • Loan Maturity
  • Refinance of the First Mortgage or
  • Transfer of Ownership or Primary Residency Status

This update offers OHFA the opportunity to offer much lower interest rates and increased purchase price limits.

Contact OHFA to Learn More

Call (405) 419-8207 or email ownahome@ohfa.org


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