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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently released a public notice inviting comment on whether any updates are needed to the rules implementing the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA)

Most of these rules have been in effect for many years, and many of them have not been revisited recently, some since initial adoption. Given changes in technology and industry practices, as well as taking into account consumer experiences, the Commission seeks comment on whether there is a need to update these rules.

Interested parties may file comments by accessing the Electronic Comment Filing System at FCC504.

Comment Deadline: May 24, 2021

Reply Comment Deadline: Jun 21, 2021

For general information about the CVAA, visit https://www.fcc.gov/general/twenty-first-century-communications-and-video-accessibility-act-0.

For specific questions, please contact Debra Patkin, Disability Rights Office, Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau, at (202) 870-5226 (voice or videophone for American Sign Language users) or Debra.Patkin, Diana Sokolow, Diana.Sokolow, of the Media Bureau, Policy Division, (202) 418-2120, or Eli Johnson, Eli.Johnson, of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, Competition and Infrastructure Policy Division, (202) 418-1395.

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