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OKC- OHFA administers competitive housing development resources that subsidize developers to provide affordable housing to households with lower incomes. Units are rent and income restricted. Below is a summary of the applicant pool for the fall awards and the list of applicants can be accessed on OHFA’s website.

Sixteen (16) applicants requested 9% housing tax credits in the amount of  $7,012,271 in Federal credits plus $1,996,917 in State Credits to develop 774 affordable units. Eight applicants applied to construct 410 new units and eight are proposing to rehabilitate 365 units. The applicant list is available online at OHFA’s website:  2019 AHTC 2nd Round AHTC 9% Applications

Five developers submitted applications requesting 4% Federal Credits, State Credits and bond financing.  2019 AHTC 4% Applications

Six nonprofits applied for $2,402,395 in HOME funds to provide 20 HOME assisted units.  Two applicants propose new construction and four propose single-family acquisition and rehabilitation.  2019 September Board HOME Applications

Five applicants requested $5,700,000 to provide 118  extremely low-income rent restricted units.  Four applicants propose multi-family new construction and one proposes single-family new construction rental.  2019 September Board NHTF Applications

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