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HUD published a 60-Day Federal Register Notice entitled Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing: Extension of Deadline for Submission of Assessment of Fair Housing for Consolidated Plan Participants.

Effective immediately, the Notice advises that HUD is extending the submission deadline for consolidated plan program participants to submit Assessments of Fair Housing (AFH) to HUD until the program participants’ next AFH submission deadline that falls after October 31, 2020. The Notice provides that HUD will discontinue the review of any AFHs submitted to HUD that have not yet received a determination of accept, non-accept, or deemed accepted and program participants will not receive such a determination.

HUD program participants must continue to meet their statutory and regulatory obligations to affirmatively further fair housing, as explained in the Notice. HUD will soon publish more guidance and frequently asked questions related to this Notice on the AFFH HUD Exchange webpage.