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The revised HOME-ARP allocation plan requirements require all Participating Jurisdictions (PJs) and insular areas to submit their HOME-ARP allocation plans on or before a final deadline of March 31, 2023. It also requires reallocating HOME-ARP funds when a PJ or insular area fails to submit a HOME-ARP allocation plan on or before the final deadline.

HUD issued Notice CPD-22-013: Revisions to HOME-ARP Allocation Plan Requirements and Final Submission Deadline for all HOME-ARP Allocation Plans and explanatory FAQs. This new notice amends Section V.C of the HOME-ARP Implementing Notice (CPD Notice 21-010) to establish a final deadline of March 31, 2023, for the submission of all HOME-ARP allocation plans.

Revisions include:

  • Final submission deadline for HOME-ARP allocation plans;
  • Reallocation of HOME-ARP funds for failure to submit a HOME-ARP allocation plan to HUD by the submission deadline;
  • Amendments to HOME-ARP allocation plans due to reallocations; and
  • Repayment of HOME-ARP funds when a Participating Jurisdiction (PJ) fails to submit a HOME-ARP allocation plan.
  • HUD will conduct an Office Hours Webinar about CPD Notice 22-013 on November 15, 2022, to review the Notice and FAQs and answer questions from participants. A separate message will be sent to register for this session.

HUD will also sponsor Problem-Solving Clinics for PJs developing their allocation plans. Virtual clinics will begin in December and in-person clinics in January. These Problem-Solving Clinics will include training and an ask-a-question session. They will provide opportunities for PJs to understand the allocation plan’s required elements, including consultation, identifying preferences, conducting public participation, and completing a complete needs and gaps analysis. Clinics will provide tips and best practices for developing HOME-ARP allocation plans to meet pressing local housing, service, and shelter needs. Additional information, including registration information, will be distributed via the HOME-ARP mailing list.

View the Notice https://www.hudexchange.info/resource/6771/notice-cpd-2213-revisions-to-home-arp-allocation-plan-requirements-and-final-submission-deadline-for-all-home-arp-allocation-plans/

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